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The 5 Worst Foods For Your Teeth


Your diet can play a big role your overall health, and can also impact the health of your teeth. While many of the foods listed here are fine in moderation, overconsumption or poor hygiene habits can lead to cavities and more serious problems. In this blog, we explore five foods and beverages which are notoriously bad for your teeth.

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1. Citrus Fruits

One of the main enemies of your enamel is acid, and few foods are as acidic as citrus fruits. Lemons, oranges, grapefruits and others all contain high levels of citric acid, a surprisingly powerful acid that can wear down your enamel over time. Orange juice is less acidic, but it is still important to brush and floss regularly to avoid major wear.

2. Chewy Candies

It should come as no surprise that candy is bad for your teeth, but chewy candies such as caramels are particularly bad. This is because they stick to your teeth, for long periods of time, and provide a breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria turn the sugar to acid, dissolving your enamel and often giving you bad breath. These candies can also get in between your teeth, making them extra tough to brush and floss out.

3. Sodas & Energy Drinks

Sodas and energy drinks contain both sugar and acid, making them particularly damaging to your smile. Although diet sodas are typically sugar free, they often contain even more acid than the regular versions. It is best to consume soda with a meal, as the food can help neutralize the acid. Better yet, just stick to water!

4. Coffee & Tea

Coffee and tea are notorious for staining clothes and other fabrics, and it should come as no surprise that they can also stain your teeth. Coffee is actually fairly acidic, and the toll this takes on your enamel can make it easier for stains to stick. Tea contains high levels of tannins, a compound also found in red wine which tends to promote staining. To make matters worse, many people put large amounts of sugar in their coffee or tea.

5. Cookies & Pastries

Perhaps the single worst food for your teeth is the humble cookie. The refined starches turn to sugar fairly quickly in your mouth, in addition to the copious amounts of sugar that are already in the cookie. The starches also form a paste when chewed, sticking to every nook and cranny inside your mouth. It is crucial to brush and floss regularly, but especially if you eat a lot of cookies and other sweets!

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