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Crown Lengthening Procedures


What Is Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a common surgical procedure that is used to remove gum tissue, bone, or both in order to expose more of a tooth or teeth. During crown lengthening, excess gum and bone tissue is reshaped, allowing for more of the natural tooth to be shown. This procedure can be done to one tooth to even out the gum line, or to several teeth to expose a more natural-looking smile.

How is Crown Lengthening Performed?

Crown lengthening is done with local anesthesia. The length of the procedure will depend on how many teeth need treatment. During your procedure, our dentist will make cuts that pull the gums away from the teeth, exposing the roots of the teeth and surrounding bones. In some instances, only a small amount of gum tissue needs to be removed to expose enough of the tooth for the crown or filling to be replaced. However, most procedures also require some bone to be removed around the roots of the tooth.

After the procedure, your gums will be stitched together. You will be prescribed a pain reliever and a mouth rinse, and will be asked to follow a soft diet. Following the procedure, it is important to avoid the gums while brushing your teeth. The gums will need about three months to heal before the tooth or teeth are ready for the final crown.

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Crown lengthening can be an extremely effective way to help you get the even, natural-looking smile you desire. As a widely-recognized family and cosmetic dentist, you can rest-assured that Dr. Mark Weitzman possesses the skills and resources needed to perform your crown lengthening procedure and leave you with the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of!

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