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5 Advantages of Dental Crowns


There are a huge number of factors that can negatively impact the strength, function, and aesthetics of your teeth over time. Dental crowns are an effective long-term option to restore your teeth to their original natural smile, or even to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. While there are many, many reasons why crowns may be right for you, we look at five of the most common advantages in this blog.

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1. They Improve The Look of Your Smile

Cosmetic crowns are very common, as they are an ideal way to improve the look and function of cracked, damaged, or misshapen teeth. As a master ceramist, Dr. Mark Weitzman is uniquely qualified to help you get the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

2. They Are Durable & Stain Resistant

Our Ventura dentist only utilizes the strongest crowns in the market. They are guaranteed for up to 5 years, but will typically last far longer if properly maintained. Our ceramic crowns are highly resistant to stains, and also do not cause the allergies and swelling common with metallic crowns.

3. They Restore the Functionality of Your Teeth

Misshapen, cracked, or otherwise damaged teeth can not only impact your appearance and confidence, they can also compromise the strength of your bite. Crowns are a great way to give you properly shaped teeth that are as structurally sound as they are beautiful.

4. They Protect Damaged Teeth

If you have any damaged or decayed teeth, crowns are a great way to help prevent further damage. They will encapsulate these damaged teeth, helping to bind together any cracked pieces, as well as shielding your teeth from issues like decay and plaque buildup.

5. They Are A Comfortable Option

Compared to dentures, both full and partial, crowns offer far superior comfort. Our Ventura dentist and master ceramist also fits these specifically to your mouth and bite, giving you a very natural feeling tooth. Porcelain crowns are also known to be the most comfortable option, which is yet another reason why we only use this top-grade material.

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