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Common Causes of Teeth Grinding


While the exact cause behind teeth grinding is difficult to pinpoint, experts in the dental profession have reason to believe that teeth grinding, often referred to as bruxism, is often related to a greater cause or sleep disorder. Common symptoms of teeth grinding can include headaches, tooth fractures, jaw soreness, and painful or loose teeth. In this blog, our Ventura dentist explains some of the causes of teeth grinding.

Sleep Disorders

Research has shown that teeth grinding is rarely an isolated occurrence. Those who grind their teeth throughout the night usually have an existing sleep disorder, whether it be snoring, obstructive sleep apnea or sleep talking. When individuals treat their existing sleep disorder, oftentimes they find that accompanied symptoms, such as teeth grinding, go away as well.

Lifestyle Factors

There a number of lifestyle factors that can be associated with teeth grinding, including young age, smoking, caffeine intake, and alcohol consumption. High levels of teeth grinding is often found in individuals who take substances that are considered psychoactive, such as medications for sleep, depression, and anxiety.

Psychological Components

Anxiety, stress, and other adverse psychosocial factors can contribute to the volume of teeth grinding an individual experiences. Perhaps the most obvious cause of stress is employment. Job-related stress can take a toll on one’s sleep cycle – high stress and a lack of sleep can cause a spike in teeth grinding.

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