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Easing Dental Anxiety


If you find yourself feeling anxiety over an upcoming dentist appointment, you’re not alone. In fact, according to research done by Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, between 30 million to 40 million Americans avoid routine dentist appointments because of their fear. Those who suffer from the phobia are completely aware that the phobia is irrational but are also left feeling as though there is little that can be done about it.

Some signs of dental phobia can include:

  • Trouble sleeping the night before a scheduled dentist appointment
  • Feelings of anxiety and fear that escalate while in the waiting room
  • Feeling physically ill at the thought of visiting the dentist
  • Feeling as though it’s difficult to breath at the thought of medical instruments being placed in your mouth

Causes and Cures of Dental Phobia and Anxiety

There are a number of reasons that cause anxiety and fear in dental patients. Pain is a huge cause of concern in patients, as is injections, needles, side effects from anesthesia, and feeling helpless or as though you have no control. The best way to cope with your anxiety is to face the phobias head-on and discuss your fears with your dentist. By addressing your phobias in a rational manner, you may come to find that there is not much to fear in the first place – your oral care is in the hands of a trusted professional. In some cases, a dentist may walk the patient step by step and explain what will be done during the procedure.

Before the dentist begins working, you should establish a signal that can be used if at any point you begin to feel uncomfortable or anxious. This signal can be as simple as raising your hand for your dentist or hygienist to see.

As a Ventura County dentist, Dr. Mark Weitzman D.D.S., aims to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for patients. The friendly staff at our office take pride in addressing patients’ worries and concerns. When you come to our office, you can trust that your smile is in good hands.

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