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Keep Your Teeth White by Avoiding These Five Foods


Sometimes, maintaining a white, healthy smile can seem like a full-time job. No matter how much you brush your teeth or how many whitening procedures you get, whitening can start to fade if you continue to eat certain foods. If you are looking for ways to keep your smile bright, make sure to avoid these five foods and drinks after visiting us for your next teeth whitening procedure.

#1: Black Coffee – Some people can’t make it through the day without at least one cup of coffee—making it one of the most difficult drinks to avoid. It may be hard to start your morning without, but black coffee can leave behind a grayish tint or stains. Since the outer layers of your teeth are extremely porous, black coffee is easily absorbed. If giving up black coffee is simply out of the question, try adding a little milk. Not only will this take away from its dark color, but it will also add some calcium to your favorite pick-me-up.

#2: Tea – You may think that replacing your daily cup of coffee with tea would be a good idea, but unfortunately, this is another drink that you should avoid. Tea contains tannins, which can easily stain your teeth; however, you may not have to avoid it altogether. Darker teas like black tea, Earl Grey and English breakfast should be avoided. Lighter teas like green tea, white tea and herbal tea are usually a better option—not only because they’re lighter in color, but because they don’t have the same staining effects.

#3: Red Wine – Although research shows that red wine may be good for your heart, it doesn’t do much to help you maintain a bright, healthy smile. Due to its dark color, red wine can leave you dealing with stubborn stains. On the other hand, studies have also shown that wine reduces inflammation. This can benefit your gums by helping to prevent gum disease, but it is still recommended that you use mouth wash to reduce the unwanted effects on your teeth. You can also try indulging in lighter colored wines.

#4: Dark Sodas – Apart from the fact that drinking soda can wear down the enamel on your teeth and promote tooth decay, it can also make your teeth more vulnerable to stains. Dark colored sodas in particular are the culprit for many of the stains that we at Ventura County Center for Cosmetic Dentistry work hard to remove. Not to mention, cold drinks cause your teeth to contract, making them more porous. If you simply can’t give up soda, you should use a straw to limit the staining effects on your teeth.

#5: Blueberries – Although eating blueberries has great health benefits, due to the fact that they are high in antioxidants, they aren’t great for your teeth. Since blueberries are so dark, your teeth may start develop a grayish tint if you make this fruit a regular snack. Although you shouldn’t necessarily avoid this food altogether—after all, it’s still great for your health—you should make it a point to drink plenty of water when you eat them. This will help to reduce the possibility that stains will settle into your teeth.

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