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Dentures are a common dental appliance used to help those who have numerous missing teeth. As prosthetic teeth attached to a supportive structure, rather than a person bone or jaw, dentures are removable. That means they can be removed at night for comfort, taken out for effective cleaning, or at any other time. The type and style of dentures can range greatly, with some offering basic plastic prosthetic teeth and others providing pearly white porcelain teeth. Dentures can be used to replace all or just a few missing teeth, depending on the patient's needs and preferences.

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Types of Dentures We Provide

When it comes to stepping into the world of dentures, many people are hesitate. However, modern dental advancements have made dentures much more comfortable, affordable, attractive, and effective. While any type of dentures will take some getting used to, most people adjust to them quickly, enjoying all their favorite foods and treats in no time.

Our office offers a wide range of options for dentures, including:

We can also provide assistance with any rebase and repair needs you may have. Whatever you are looking for in regards to dentures, be sure to come to Ventura County Center for Cosmetic Dentistry! As one of the top dentists in the Ventura area, we are more than equipped to help with your dental and oral healthcare needs!

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