Denture Rebase & Repairs

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Are the teeth of your dentures still in good condition, but the base material seems to need some updating? You may need to come in for a rebasing; we can rebase your dentures without replacing the teeth! This is a simple solution to not only save you money, but time. Similarly, if you notice any fractures, chipping, or general damage on your dentures, we can perform basic repairs to keep your original dentures!

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Reasons Why You Should Rebase or Repair Your Dentures

When you wear your dentures on a daily basis, there is bound to be some wear and tear over the years. Not only that, but some dentures are made with older materials or designs that may need updating over time. Whether you notice a broken piece or feel like the base of dentures has lost some strength, be sure to come into our office for immediate service!

Some of the reasons you may need to come in for rebase or repairs:

  • Broken piece of denture
  • Weakened denture base
  • Old style denture base
  • Fractured or damaged denture
  • Incorrect fit
  • Replacement of an immediate denture

We have been assisting patients for more than 20 years and would be more than happy to help with your denture concerns! Be sure to reach out to our office today if you have any questions.

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