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If you have dentures, then you know that finding the right set can be a difficult task. Implant-assisted dentures can replace one or more teeth in your mouth with metallic implants. At Mark Weitzman D.D.S., our Ventura dentist utilizes materials and metals that are non-toxic to ensure the highest possible level of care and health for our patients.

Undergoing the implant denture procedure is a multi-stage process in which implants are inserted into the jawbone. Once implants are placed into the mouth, extensions and fitted dental implants are inserted. This is a highly specialized process offered by Mark Weitzman D.D.S. that can have many advantages for patients in need of lasting dental work.

Restoring Fundamental Oral Health

Several cosmetic dental procedures can help patients gain healthy and beautiful smiles.

I n some cases, implant dentures can provide the best ultimate, lasting result. In cases in which there are several upper and lower teeth missing, chipped, or otherwise damaged, an implant denture could be ideal.

Unlike removable dentures, implant dentures are physically anchored to the jawbone. This eliminates the worry of dentures falling out or coming loose while speaking or chewing.

Features of our implant dentures include:

  • Anchored and will not loosen or fall out while eating, speaking
  • Stimulate jawbone tissue like actual teeth, preventing the deterioration of the jawbone and surrounding tissue
  • Require minimal hassle, maintenance, or replacement after initial installation
  • Will not interfere with your ability to taste
  • Less than a 5% failure rate

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